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As a hospital or research institute, protecting your clinical data is an absolute priority. However, many institutes use fragmented data centers and groups within their own network to store, analyze and share their genomic and clinical data, thinking it is protected. There are several chances for a breach in security when working with groups and open-sourced data centers. HealthSeq understands this and has developed an answer: Protected Data Clouds (or PDCs).

Our Protected Data Cloud is layered on top of your own private infrastructure that will now give you the computation power and the storage space to manage and analyze any type of genomic and clinical data in a fully compliant, secure environment. Additionally, we will work with you to develop customized analytics and give you the ability to access global genomic data sets for comparisons. Further, we are providing software solutions for precision medicine. Our precision oncology solutions also run within a Protected Data Cloud.

Securing patient genomic and clinical data via HealthSeq’s Protected Data Clouds.

Enables you with more computational power and storage space.

Gives you the ability to house, analyze and share patient genomic data within a secure and compliant environment.

Supports Precision Oncology Efforts

Provides a conduit to global open-source datasets.

Enables you with customizable computational pipeline analytics.

Data Management

The HealthSeq Protected Data Cloud, developed by our founders from the Institute of Genomics and Systems Biology at The University of Chicago, allows our clients the ability to manage and mine their own data in a secure and compliant environment. We also have the ability to design your cloud to have seamless access to global public datasets such as The Genomic Data Commons (https://gdc.nci.nih.gov/). HealthSeq puts data at your fingertips without downloading and storing hundreds of Terabytes.

Provides a safe and compliant environment.

Provide seamless access to global public datasets.

Data analysis and mining

Our bioinformatics consultants are at your command to customize solutions for your data analysis needs. You name it, identification of germline and somatic variants, RNA expression analysis, association studies and rare allele analysis, pathway and network analysis, we are there!


Customized solutions

Cutting edge analytical tools

Packaged on-site solutions

Depending on your institutional size and experience, we can create a solution for you. We offer local hardware and data management solutions for any scale of genome sequence and/or clinical records research management needs. We will work with you to design and create a full-scale genomic and clinical data warehouse, from helping to select hardware and software to simply augmenting your current infrastructure for seamless access to global datasets.

Will provide both hardware and software.

Everything or just one thing.

Precision Oncology

HealthSeq is proud to be the sole distributor of the Tempus precision oncology platform in the following Asia-Pacific countries:
Australia, Japan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Laos, Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Maldives, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Mongola, South Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Fiji, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Vietnam

For more information contact Dan Floerke (dan@healthseq.com) , VP Business Development HealthSeq.

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