About Us

Our mission is to deliver protected data clouds for hospitals and institutional clients who require an integrated solution for storing, managing and analyzing patients' individual genome sequencing results. In addition, we will assist with the provision of sequencing and analysis services for precision oncology so as to make a difference in the health and well being of our clients' cancer patients.

Your valuable clinical and genomic data should be safe and secure, yet still available for comparison and review with global datasets. You should also feel confident in sharing your clinical research data with your collaborators within that same secure environment. The need for private protected data clouds (abbreviated as "PDCs") is greater that ever, due to the mass influx of genomic information filling hospital and medical research center data warehouses. This need is complemented by the requirement to analyze and interpret genomic and clinical results accurately and quickly. Further, patient related clinical and genomic data need to be protected and securely stored throughout the entire process. HealthSeq provides the ability for you to not only protect and secure your data, but also carry out the analytics that allow interpretation of each and every patient’s genome.

HealthSeq gives you complete control of your genomic data, plus the ability to be flexible and scalable as your data needs change. Our core competencies intertwine genome and clinical data management, bio-analytics, global dataset comparison capabilities and maintainance of secure and compliant data servers that can be deployed within your hospital or institutional data center, today. HeathSeq protected data clouds come with standard genome analysis pipelines and can be adapted to fit your specific bioinformatics needs. Our informatics development team will work closely with yours before and after the launch of your Healthseq private data cloud. Further, we are building specific software solutions for precision oncology sequencing and analysis.

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